•    I am a wedding and engagement photographer in Fredericton, NB. But more than that, I'm a wedding junkie!
  •     I pretty much love all things wedding. Fresh, modern, elegant, vintage, DIY. I love 'em all!
  •     I love coffee, EOS, Converse Sneakers and fancy office supplies!
  •     I was twice Voted one of the 25 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Canada by Wedding Bells Magazine.
  •     My couples are happy, relaxed and above all fun ( and kinda silly) people who are looking to convey that in their wedding images.
  •     My goal is to guide you through your portraits feeling styled and directed but never "posed". That's why all those smiles in my photos look so genuine. They are. We're having real fun! I like to create an environment where people feel comfortable to let loose and be themselves, not force them in to cheesy, over-done "posing". Does anyone ever really hitch hike on their wedding day? Whether it's the couple portraits or wedding party groups, your wedding photography should be an experience that adds your the fun of your day. No yelling, no bossy boots! Keeping the day organized yet stress-free is my goal! My couples are looking for individual and authentic portraits and moments. I love to collaborate with my clients on their wedding day vision so we make unique images, never overdone copies of a copy that leave you saying " seen that before!"
  •     My couples are of all religions, races, creed, shape, size and genders.
  •     On a wedding day I like to be there in the action when I'm needed and invisible when I'm not. I'm a wedding ninja. The best compliments are " we barely knew you were there" and " thank God you were there". I wear many hats. I'm a photographer boutonniere consultant, psychologist, Nanny wrangler and all around go to gal on a wedding day. I have restyled bouquets. I have administered first aid. The talent is knowing which hat to wear when.
  •     I'm backed up by my amazing husband and assistant Steve. Bag toter, bouquet holder, Nanny wrangler, navigator, techie...All around nicest guy you'll ever meet. We've been married for 10 pretty awesome years and live in our awesome home in the woods. We have some fave bunnies and chipmunks!